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Your Study Plan in Three Simple Steps

Let us help you develop a study plan that really works. Just follow the steps below. You'll see how simple it is—and how much easier it makes progressing through your degree program!

Step 1: Spend time studying
You should plan to spend at least five to eight hours a week studying for each module. Realize that distractions and busy work schedules will limit your time for effective study.

Step 2: Build a weekly schedule
Think of what you can accomplish in a half hour, 40 minutes, and an hour, and have tasks related to that work that can be done in those amounts of time. Depending on the subject and your individual learning style, you may require more or less hours each week for study.

Step 3: Set goals and stick to them
Create weekly and monthly checklists of your goals for accomplishing modules and taking examinations. It's important that you stick to your goals and schedules, unless there are extreme circumstances.

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