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Reading Strategies

Step 1: Survey the material
Read the title, introduction, and summary to orient yourself on how the chapter fits the author's purpose and important points.

Make note of boldface headings and subheadings (to build a structure for your thoughts), graphics (which are there to make a point), and reading aids (such as italics, which help you sort, comprehend, and remember).

Step 2: Question
Taking one section at a time, turn boldface headings into questions you think may be answered in that section. Searching for answers actively engages your mind in the learning process.

Step 3: Read each section
Read with your questions in mind, look for the answers, and note if you need to make up some new questions.

Recite each section, stop to recall your questions, and see if you can answer them from memory. If not, look back again, but don't go to the next section until you can recite answers from the previous sections.

Step 4: Review
Once you've finished an entire section, go back over all the questions from the headings and see if you can answer them. If not, go back and refresh your memory. 

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