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Memory Strategies

Tip 1: Use many senses (auditory, kinesthetic, visual) and repeat the information aloud to yourself, mentally run through physical actions, or diagram or visualize a picture.

Tip 2: Create associations to link the unknown with the known (i.e., Italy is shaped like a boot).

Tip 3: Work at remembering (i.e., before leaving a parking lot, deliberately fix the location of your car in your mind). 

Tip 4: Use mnemonic devices, or word games, and organize information by categories, rhymes, or location.

Tip 5: Visualize the information and have fun with images by adding color or imagining them from different angles. 

Tip 6: Chunk the information by breaking it into shorter bunches.

Tip 7: Remember word meanings by doing all of the following: looking words up in the dictionary, using their meanings in conversation, writing poems using the words, and thinking of puns about the meanings of the words.

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